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Sligo County Council Strategic Policy Committees

There are seven three Policy Committees (SPC) in Sligo County Council and it is the task of these committees to advise and assist the council in its work. The SPC system is intended to give councillors and sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy-making process of the work of the local authority from the early stages. When the SPC system operates satisfactorily, much of the preliminary and background work, discussion and recommendation should be completed at SPC level for final consideration and ratification by the council at the monthly council meetings.
The Sligo PPN currently has 7 seats across the three Strategic Policy Committees for community representation.

SPC1 –  Housing and Corporate Policy  PPN Reps: Gerry O’Connor,, 0876822365 / Marcella Flanagan,, 0866063144 / Monica Reilly,, 0831951523

SPC2 – Environment and Infrastructure PPN Reps: Michelle McMorrow,, 0863662706 / Sharon Eastwood,, 0877452141

SPC3 – Planning, Community & Economic Development, Arts & Culture PPN Reps: Ariana Somers,, 0863082695 / Liam Scollan,, 087 8126580

Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

The Sligo LCDC was established in 2014 ‘for the purposes of developing, coordinating and implementing a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development’ across the county. It is a statutory body with membership drawn from Sligo County Council, State agencies, the Community and Voluntary sector and the private sector.

PPN Reps; Finbarr Filan,, 087 9859631 / Jackie Sweeney,, 087 7549089 / Jennifer Van Aswegen,, 087 3811261 / Liz King,, 087 7504670 / Michael Kirby,, 087 9973558

Joint Policing Sub Committee

Sligo Joint Policing  Committee provides a forum where the local authority and senior Garda Officers responsible for the policing the county, with the participation of Oireachtas members and community/business interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting the policing of Sligo.

PPN Reps: Vanessa Clarke,, 086 6000757 / Pat Benson,, 087 2222835 / Pat Conway,, 087 8161955 / Tom McGettrick,, 071 91 41138 / Alan McMenamin,, 087 12697407 / David Tuffy,, 087 6773816

Place Names Committee

Place names are an important aspect of our cultural heritage. They have the ability to communicate the relationship between people and their landscape and environment. There are over 1300 townlands in County Sligo and the place names contained within them reflect the natural, built and cultural heritage of these localities.

The importance of place names in our society cannot be underestimated, and by ceasing to use, or ignoring, the rich variety of indigenous place names in County Sligo, we are in danger of losing a vital part of our heritage forever. It is also important to ensure that no duplication of place names occurs (in new developments) in order to avoid any confusion as regards postal addresses.

The Place Names Committee for Sligo is responsible for;

  • Naming of new developments, to include Local Authority developments.
  • Advising on the implementation of Part 18 of the Local Government Act, 2001 (i.e. changing
  • of names of areas and display of names of streets etc.)
  • Interpretation of existing place names.

The Place Names Committee also consider any other issues referred to it by the Sligo County Council and make appropriate recommendations.

PPN Rep : Larry Mullins,, 086 0579511

North West Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce (NWRDATF)

NORTH WEST REGIONAL DRUG & ALCOHOL TASK FORCE (‘The Taskforce’) is a regional organisation established under the Department of Health which aims “to significantly reduce the harm caused to individuals and society by the misuse of drugs & alcohol through concerted focus on supply reduction, prevention, treatment, and research.” The Taskforce is made up of various statutory, community and voluntary stakeholders.

PPN Reps: Pat Benson,, 087 2222835, Gerry O’Connor,, 083 3155657, Gabriel Browne,, 087 286 2509, Parvez Butt,, 086 1597473

Heritage Forum

The Sligo Heritage Forum will take account of all aspects of heritage in County Sligo, both built and natural. The Heritage Forum is a non-statutory advisory group established by Sligo County Council to provide advice on the preparation and implementation of the County Heritage Plan.The aim of the Heritage Forum is

“working with the community to know, value and care for Sligo’s heritage and to increase awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of our heritage for all”

PPN Reps: Wendy Lyons,, 087 9098241 / Martin Enright,, 071 91 67560 / Michael Breen,, 087 2564532

Sligo Sport & Recreation Partnership

Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership aims to support increased participation in sport and active recreation throughout County Sligo. In achieving this they provide assistance in the areas of sports development, education and training and general information on sporting activities in Sligo. They work in partnership with sporting clubs, community organisations and local agencies in achieving the goal of having MORE PEOPLE, MORE ACTIVE, MORE OFTEN.

Nominated Board Members have the capacity and experience that will enable them to take a cross-sectoral and strategic view of sport and recreational development within the County and are responsible for overseeing the running of the Partnership Company.

PPN Reps: Michael Connolly,, 086 8075548 / Mairead Connolly,, 087 9460808 20, Joe McDonagh,, 087 2140586

Disability Consultative Committee

In 2006 it was agreed that Sligo County Council establish a Disability Consultative Committee. The actions Committee fall into the following categories:

  • Disability Proofing
  • Advocacy on behalf of people with disability
  • Raising Awareness – Information Provision

PPN Rep: Arthur Gibbons,, 087 2969876 24

North West Fisheries Local Action Group (NWFLAG)

The North West Fisheries Local Action Group (NWFLAG)  region caters for Counties Mayo and Sligo. The NWFLAG region is from Killary Harbour to Mullaghmore and extends 9km from the coast. It has been allocated €1.5m for 2016 -2020 from the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund for projects in the Coastal region of the North West.

PPN Rep: Mikey Kilcullen,, 0872446902

Independent Evaluation Committee

Sligo Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is the Local Action Group for delivery of the LEADER programme in Sligo. Sligo LCDC is a committee of Sligo County Council consisting of representatives from statutory and non-statutory agencies in the county. A budget of €7.6m is available for implementation of the programme in Sligo over the period up to Dec 2020. Funding will be awarded based on compliance with the approved Sligo Local Development Strategy (LDS) and the awarding body will be the LCDC or LAG. The Independent Evaluation committee (IEC)  assesses and evaluates proposals and projects for funding and comprises a panel of individuals offering expertise from appropriate sectors in accordance with the LDS and the LEADER Operating Rules.

PPN Reps: Thomas Walsh,, 086 1025285 / Lorna Curry


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