2024 Elections: Community-Based Questions for Election Candidates

As we are entering a period of elections, it is important for all of us to be aware as to what the candidates we may be voting for actually stand for, and if this stance aligns with what the community of Sligo have identified they need.

Over the last few years, Sligo PPN has conducted a number of events and consultations where we have heard first hand from our members about some of the key issues their sector is facing. Based on what our community members have told us, Sligo PPN has prepared a series of potential questions, broken down by PPN Pillar (Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environment), that you might want to ask candidates who call.

Sligo PPN wish all candidates and voters the best in the upcoming elections. 

2024 sligo ppn elections
Community & voluntary sligo ppn elections page 2
Social inclusion sligo ppn elections

Alternatively, you can download the booklet by clicking below.

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