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Building capacity within our communities through interactive learning workshops

Community Training Days

Community Woodlands Day October 2023

The Power to Change Group Mentoring Initiative hosted Community Woodland Day at the Cloonamahon Native Woodland, Sligo in October 2023. The event ws run in collaboration with Western Forestry Co-Op.

The Woodland Day provided community groups with an introduction to the key considerations for creating a native woodland followed by an overview of the Cloonamahon Native Woodland Project.

It was a day of many highlights including talks, discussions, connecting with each other, and connecting with nature.

Gardening Workshop Day December 2023

The Power to Change Group Mentoring Initiative hosted Gardening Workshop in the Sligo Children’s Community Garden December 2023. This workshop was delivered by Aoife Munn.

The morning session explored composting from both individual and a community perspectives. The afternoon session explored the design of sensory gardens providing insight into key considerations for designing inclusive spaces.

Celebration of our Waters May 2024

A Celebration of our Waters was inspired by Medb’s Dragon Warriors and aimed to highlight the beauty and significance of our waterways.

The themes of the event included (i) Blue Health for Mental Health: Exploring the benefits of waterways for mental well-being (ii) Good Water Habits: Promoting responsible practices around water usage and (iii) The Code of Conduct on Our Waterways: Guidelines for respectful and sustainable use of waterways.

Information displays and leaflets were kindly provided by Clean Coasts, Birdwatch, Water Safety Ireland, the Marine Institute, Maritime Safety, Sligo Bay Catchment Rivers Trust, LAWPRO, and ATU research projects Pro-Coast and Sustainable Shared Spaces.

This project is part of the Community Climate Action Programme Strand 2 and is funded by the Government of Ireland through the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.

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