Who can register and join?

To qualify for membership of the Sligo PPN, groups must fulfil the following criteria:

    1. Groups are not-for-profit and operate within the community, voluntary and environmental sectors
    2. Have more than five (5) members
    3. Have a written constitution, operating rules & procedures and/or memorandum & articles of association
    4. Be a minimum of six months in existence
    5. Be open to new members
    6. Have a formal structure e.g. Chairperson, Secretary or Equivalent
    7. Be active in County Sligo
    8. Be broadly representative and accountable
    9. Hold an AGM and have regular meetings
    10. Be non-party political, anti-sectarian and non discriminatory
    11.  Be independent, with a committee or board (not a substructure or subcommittee)
    12. Groups must be able to establish their bona fides as a community or voluntary organisation and provide documentation if requested to do so.
    13. A PPN Member who intends to run for public office must declare their interest and on formal nomination step down from the PPN for the period of the elections and can return if not elected.

Upon registering your group will be asked to self select into one of three Colleges. A college is essentially a category of community group. A group can only apply to be a member of one category (college)

Selecting a category (college)

Community & Voluntary

A group/organisation’s main activities should be either community or voluntary based for example groups working within the following areas:
Active Retirement groups – Art groups Festivals – Residents’ Associations – Tidy Towns -Sports groups

Social Inclusion

A group/organisation’s main activities should be based in the area of social inclusion. That is, their work is centred on working to make the lives of people who are socially excluded because of poverty and social, cultural, educational and other disadvantage(s).
For example, groups working within the following areas:
Addiction –Disability – Education/ Literacy – Ethnicity – Equality – Human Rights – Integration – Unemployed – Welfare Rights Groups

Environmental Pillar

The group or organisation’s main activities should be environmentally based.
For example, groups working within the following areas:
Clean Ups – Coastal – Community Gardens – Conservation – Natural Habitats – Recycling – Sustainability – Wildlife Protection

Individuals can join an existing organisation/group or can establish as an interest group to register.

Groups not eligible to register with Sligo PPN include:

  • Political parties
  • Businesses

Register with Sligo PPN to receive information on policies, events, funding etc and participate in other activities of the network.


To register with Sligo PPN CLICK HERE


Associate Membership Criteria

Associate membership of Sligo PPN is open to groups and organisations not eligible for full membership but who:

  •  Engage with or support the PPN
  •  Are an established community group, organisation or service with clear governance structures
  • Work in related, supportive or similar fields to that of the PPN or its members
  • Agree to comply with PPN Constitution
  •  Are established in Sligo for at least six months

Organisations who may qualify for Associate Membership include but are not limited to:

  •  Local Development Companies
  • University Departments or research centres, colleges, other third level groups or associations
  • Charitable trusts and foundations
  • Religious organisations whose community activities complement the priorities or activities of PPN
  • Youth-led community groups, including Sligo Comhairle na nÓg.
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