Strengthening Your Funding Applications

Increasingly, funders are looking for you to supply evidence and identification of need to support your funding application. This can be an onerous task for community groups and volunteers and can often deter groups from applying for critical funding. Sligo PPN are working to support groups in their funding efforts by compiling some local information that will help you to strengthen your application and, more importantly, save you time to get on with the more important aspects of running your group.

Sligo LECP

Sligo LECP is the 6 year Local Economic and Community Plan for the county. The purpose of the plan is to promote economic and community development. In the drawing up of the plan extensive consultation and socio-economic analysis was undertaken. This work highlights the key priorities identified by the people of Sligo as well as setting out a core development vision for the county based on local data sets. Sligo PPN has extracted some of the core information from this document that we feel might be of help to you. Click Here for Summary of Sligo LECP Consultation Information and Local Area Analysis

Sligo Age Friendly

If you are looking for funding for a project that supports the creation of age friendly communities, then be sure to check out the Sligo Age Friendly Strategy. This document explores ageing in Sligo and identifies the priorities that emerged from consultation with hundreds of older people across the county. The document is organised across a range of themes from the built environment and housing to social inclusion and civic participation.

CSO Data

The CSO data for 2016 gives a wealth of information about County Sligo and the State. The two links below allow you to easily extract relevant information about Sligo and the State broken down into key themes. Select the data sets that demonstrate need in your funding application:

Breakdown of Sligo Population Analysis by key themes such as age, ethnicity, education and family status

Breakdown of the State Population Analysis by key themes such as age, ethnicity, education and family status

To review other pieces of local and national research undertaken by Sligo PPN CLICK HERE

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