Sligo DPO News - The Social Inclusion Forum

The brilliant Sligo Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) were involved with the EAPN presentation to the national Social Inclusion Forum.

The forum focuses on the delivery of the Government’s Roadmap for Social Inclusion 2020-2025. The event brings together policy makers, service provider, and service users from across Government Departments, people with direct experience of poverty and/or social exclusion and the community and voluntary groups working to address social inclusion issues and working to support those impacted. Attendees discussed and debated issues focused on national policies on poverty reduction and social inclusion.

The Sligo DPO members fed into the EAPN paper and can be seen in this video. Sligo PPN’s Social Inclusion Representative Pippa Black also got a short spot in the in-person presentation on the Thursday session in which she mainly addressed barriers to employment.

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