Step Up For Sligo – Capturing the Community Effort Under Covid-19

Here at Sligo PPN we were amazed, but not suprised, at the immediate and huge response of the Sligo Community to step up and help those most at need as we all adapted to life under Covid-19.

While we know that none of the volunteers who made such a difference in the lives of local people did it for recognition or even thanks, we felt that it was important to try and capture and preserve the huge contribution that the community sector did make as soon as this crisis changed life as we knew it. There is no doubt that the experience of lockdown would have been even scarier and isolating, and had more of a negative impact on the health of many people, were it not for the efforts of community volunteers – we believe this effort should be acknowledged, recorded and kept as a reminder to all.

Sligo PPN and Sligo Volunteer Centre have set up the website Step Up For Sligo ( as a portal for people to send us stories about their experience of volunteering (formally or informally) under Covid-19. Stories can take the form of short videos, images, audio or written word.

Tips For Creating Great Content

The content you create is very important to us. It will help more people become aware of the amazing work happening in our community. You will help share stories of goodness that otherwise would remain untold. We are excited to work with you!

  • Think of the story you want to tell. New friendships, quirky stories, impact of volunteering actions on both volunteers and the people they supported, relationships across generations etc.,
  • Make sure that story is the focus of the content you create – whatever format it takes.
  • Hold your phone steady to avoid a blurred image, tucking your elbows to your side can help with this
  • Hold your phone in Landscape NOT Portrait while you video
  • Make sure you are shooting in good light
  • Keep video length to about 30 seconds
  • Videos must be in .MP4 or .MOV format
  • Images should be no smaller than 796 x 447 (16:9) ratio, either portrait or landscape
  • Feel free to caption your videos and images if appropriate
  • Written content should be no longer than 1600 words, and should also include a photo
  • You can submit more than once, just make sure that every piece of content you create tells its own unique story.

Once you are happy with your story, you send it to and include your Name, Age, Location, email address

We will then put your stories up on the portal and promote them via our social media channels under the campaign #stepupforsligo

Still Not Sure What to Do?

If you have a story to tell – whether as a volunteer or someone whose life was made that little bit easier because of the effort of others – but aren’t sure how to go about it then simply drop an email to and tell us a little bit about yourself and we will see how we can help you put something together.


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