Invitation to Tender to Host Sligo PPN

PPNs across the country are currently undergoing a national review, exploring how they can work better on behalf of the local community sector. Part of this involves reviewing how PPNs across Ireland are currently hosted, with a variety of different hosting operations currently being adopted in different counties.

The Sligo PPN is currently hosted within the Local Authority and, as part of this national review, the Secretariat is currently exploring options for the future operating structure of the PPN. One option under consideration is for the PPN and its staff to operate under a host organisation.

With this in mind, and under the direction of the Sligo PPN plenary, this call for expressions of interest is taking place.

Other PPN’s that operate under this type of model include Leitrim PPN (hosted by Leitrim Development Company), Dublin City PPN (hosted by Dublin City Volunteer Centre), Wicklow PPN (hosted by Wicklow Travellers Group) and Cork City PPN (hosted by St Joseph’s Community Association).

This expression of interest seeks to identify a community and voluntary organisation or state body from within the county to act as host of the PPN budget, to act as the employer for PPN staff and to act as the office base for the organisation.


The host organisation shall:

  • Provide a legal structure through which the PPN can operate.
  • Perform the role of employer for PPN Staff.
  • Provide appropriate serviced, safe and accessible office accommodation.
  • The successful organisation will be required to sign a service level agreement annually with Sligo PPN and Sligo County Council.

The initial hosting period will be for 3 years, subject to annual review.

Submitting a Proposal:

Interested parties are hereby invited to submit a proposal on the Proposal Submission form available below.

Closing date: 15 November 2023 at noon. Submissions should be emailed to

Queries or clarifications deadline: 10 November 2023 at noon.


  1. Expression of Interest Overview
  2. Submission Form
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