New Report Published - “That's Not Your Role" State Funding and Advocacy in the Irish Community and Non-Profit Sector

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) recently released a report named “That’s Not Your Role”.

This study seeks to examine the funding, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement environment which exists for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland.

The headline findings of the survey paint a worrying picture of the state of freedoms of expression and association, and the right to unfettered public participation for the community and voluntary sector in Ireland. The findings also point to an inherent tension between the roles of the community and voluntary sector as service providers and as advocates for causes and communities.

Given the implications for Public Participation Networks, we extended an invitation to the ICCL to deliver an information session to the national network highlighting the key findings and implications from the report.

We invite you to read the report and watch the information session in full below.

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