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 Sligo PPN is a network of community and voluntary groups based in the county. The purpose of the PPN is to empower and assist groups to participate in local decision making. The PPN is the main way through which the community and Sligo County Council share information.

It does not cost anything to register with the PPN and we encourage all eligible community and voluntary groups to join us.

Community Issues

To fully represent its members, it is important for the PPN to be aware of emerging issues facing the Sligo Community.

Please take this opportunity to let us know the issues that you feel are of collective community concern in the county. These issues will then be considered by the PPN Secretariat and re-directed to the most appropriate decision making body through our PPN Representatives Network.

What you tell us will help inform future planning and policy development and will allow us to work with neighbouring counties to build up a bigger picture of the community and voluntary sector in the North West.

Joining the PPN

What’s in it for you?

  • Access to critical information on upcoming funding and grants
  • Ability to apply for funding administered by Sligo County Council
  • Publicity and Promotion of your group across our network and beyond
  • Access to important training opportunities to support you in your work
  • Access to information on decisions and proposals being made in Sligo and the ability to comment on and input to them
  • Opportunity to network with and learn from other organisations in Sligo
  • Opportunity to nominate members to sit on a Board or Committee on behalf of PPN

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Benbulben Yoga Hike, a fundraiser for Havin a Laugh Charity with @nwadventuretour and @YWWarrior

Exploring Sligo's iconic mountain tops for an fun and exhilarating Yoga release for body and mind. #adventuresligo #sligo #hike #hiking #SligoStories

Glad to emphasise this today. Massive pressure on grass roots community groups to achieve good governance, but no funding available to help them with the costs of governance. They end up fundraising to cover standing costs instead of delivering on their purpose #ppnconference19

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