Please follow this link to view Sligo PPN Constitution proposed for adoption on 29th November. Changes will be outlined at the Annual Meeting. Following the Annual Meeting members will be given one week to raise any objection.

Constitution-of-Sligo-PPN-AGM-Proposed for adoption Nov 22

Needs Analysis

With the aim of strengthening the partnership and network opportunities across the PPNs in the North West Region, we are now looking to roll out our training programmes a little differently.

While each individual PPN will still be able to cater to the needs of its own members, we are also looking to deliver some training and information elements on a regional basis, especially those options that can be delivered online.

We hope that by taking this approach we will avoid duplication, make better use of limited PPN resources as well as allow our representatives and member organisations to build relationships with other groups across the region.

The findings from this analysis will be used to inform workplans so that our Secretariats and staff are able to offer as much support as possible to our member groups, as well as devise an annual training calendar

Last years survey led to a number of initiatives  and we now want to hear from you again, so please let us know how the PPNs can engage with and support you all as we see out 2022 and enter 2023.

Annual Report

Read our summary activity report,  highlighting some of the key activities across 2022

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