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Sligo PPN 2020 & 2021 Needs Analysis

Sligo PPN works to ensure that it’s core supports respond directly to the needs of the community sector. Each year we undertake a needs analysis so that we can ensure our annual work plan reflects changing and emerging community needs. We also share these findings with key partners who are in a position to respond directly.

Read the findings of the 2020 Needs Analysis

Local Submissions

In 2020, Sligo PPN made a submission to Sligo Corporate Plan. This submission was a collective one based on consultation with Sligo PPN representatives.

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Community Group Insurance

Sligo PPN were made aware of the increasing impact of rising insurance premiums on community group operation. The PPN conducted a national survey with PPN members to assess how insurance costs were affecting service delivery and continued operation. Nearly 1000 groups took part.

Read the Report Summary

Community Concerns on Brexit

The PPN groups in the North West undertook a piece of research with community groups who would potentially be impacted by Brexit.

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Community Re-Opening Post Covid-19

In 2020 Sligo PPN undertook a survey of member groups to try and find out their main concerns about re-opening their services. The findings were shared with Sligo County Council, Sligo Leader Partnership Co and Sligo Volunteer Centre to try and put in place a suite of responses that gave groups more confidence to begin the process of starting up their invaluable services again.

Read the full summary report


Celebrating the EU Community – How can Sligo adapt to be more welcoming to new communities?

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