PPN Representative Reports

A key part of the PPN process is the reporting back to the community from elected Community Representatives.

Representatives use the PPN reporting template to provide an update to the groups on key things that have been discussed at committees. It is important to note that these are not the official minutes of the meetings, these are the reps interpretations of outcomes and they are produced in order for the PPN members to be kept in the loop on important issues that affect the community sector.

Sligo Local Community Development Committee

Report from meeting 24th February 2022

Report from meeting July 2022

SPC1 Housing and Corporate Services

April 2021 CLICK HERE

June 2021 CLICK HERE

July 2021 CLICK HERE

SPC 2 Environment and Infrastructure Committee

Meeting  2020 CLICK HERE

July Meeting 2021 CLICK HERE

October 2021 Meeting CLICK HERE

SPC 3 Community and Economic Development, Arts, Culture and Planning

March 2021 CLICK HERE

June 2021  CLICK HERE

November 2021 CLICK HERE


To read the full submission from Sligo PPN to the Strategic Policy Scheme CLICK HERE

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